Monday, 21 April 2014

Jogging in the Bukit Gombak Stadium

I have always enjoyed jogging (at my own pace) for many months along the Park Connector (PCN) in my neighbourhood. However, I felt that the amount of pollutants emitted from the vehicles that were running alongside with the PCN could be damaging to my lungs. Normally, I will jog around 5-6pm and this period, the traffic is quite heavy along the PCN.

I realised that there is a stadium (Bukit Gombak Stadium) near my house (10mins walk) and I have failed to use it for almost 6 years. The stadium is on an elevated land (almost as high as the platform of the Bukit Gombak MRT station). The air is fresh and hardly any air pollutants there except the haze.

The first time I went there last week, it was cloudy and there were a few thunders rattling in the background. I didn't care and went to the stadium to jog. When I jogged into the stadium onto the track, I realised that no one was on the track, there were quite a number of people on the stand. Suddenly, someone started that I should get off the track as the alarm (a red light high up on a notice board) had been activated. I was embarrassed and quickly jogged out of the stadium from the side gate. So, next time, when it is cloudy and there are thunders in the background. I will not jog there.

The second time was on last Saturday. Good weather and I managed to complete 4.5km on the track. Feeling fantastic because the air that I breathe in will be much cleaner as compared with the pollutants from the vehicles that most joggers breathe in. I think when we wanted to keep healthy, the air quality in the exercising environment is the most important. We take more deep breathes during exercising and it is crucial that we are not taking in more pollutants.

After the jog, I will slowly cool myself down by walking back and go the the public fitness station for further workout.

On a beautiful day around 6.30pm @ Bt Gombak Stadium

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