Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tillandsia ionantha - Flowers failed to bloom properly

Two days ago, purple flowers started to emerge from one of the air plant cluster. I was surprised because the leaves did not turn to red colour. I thought maybe something had triggered that plant to bloom so I was very excited.

Tillandsia Ionantha flowers (the leaves are green!!!)

Yesterday, I noticed that the first flower did not bloom normally, it had collapsed. Today, the second flower has collapsed also. Normally, the stigma and anther will push through the purple flower tip and come out in yellow and white fashion. However, this time, the stigma and anther did not manage to push through and it seemed to have burst. A very sad sight!

No blooming - Two flowers collapsed!

I thought it maybe that the plant is not getting enough sunlight, so today, I place it very near to the window to catch some lights. The third flower is yet to bloom. I will update the status again when it blooms. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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