Saturday, 15 November 2014

9D8N Taiwan Free & Easy Trip - Day 4 (Cingjing/Taichung) - 1

Another day to watch the sunrise but we chose to sleep more... Hahaha, we were quite tired waking up early for the past two days, so we were trying to catch up with our beauty sleep…

Sunrise view from Sunnydale Minsu
Breakfast was as usual and we wanted to go to the Old England Manor Cingjing to take some photographs before our booked taxi arrived at 11 am. The Old England Manor is just a few minutes walk downhill from Sunnydale Minsu.

A few minutes walk downhill to The Old England Manor
This is not the main entrance….
I was wondering whether this Old England Manor is a Minsu or hotel. You can drop me notes on this. Anyway, I would assume this is a Minsu. The security was quite tight at this Minsu. I presumed that since it is the most expensive Minsu in Cingjingand, it is trying to step up security and offer exclusivity to its guests.

Main entrance of The Old England Manor
We went in to take some photographs and when we just about to leave, the cleaner actually asked us whether we were staying at the Minsu and what were our room numbers. We quickly left without saying anything. So if you want to take some photographs of the Old England Minsu, please be discreet and quietly take your photographs. The other way to take some photos there will be to have afternoon tea there. Since you are a customer there, I think it is ok to take some photos.
Notice: No sight-seeing for non-guest & diner

First thing that greets you...

Panoramic view of The Old England Manor
View of the clock tower
Royal private property - Do not enter….
We saw a couple taking their wedding photo shoots there...

We went back to Sunnydale Minsu at 10.45am and checked out (check-out time is 11am). The taxi was already waiting for us and we set off for Taichung at 11am. You can enjoy the scenic views along the way downhill…

Goodbye Sunnydale Minsu...
The journey to Fengjia area, Taichung was about 2hrs 20mins when a toilet break along the way (Taxi was getting a refill at the petrol kiosk). We reached the Becon Hotel at Fengjia at about 1.20pm, check in time is again at 3pm. So, we decided to rest a bit at the hotel lobby which is at level 12 before going around the area to search for food...

Just a few metres' walk down the hotel, there was this Dong Dah Steaks (东大牛排). It was cheap and for NT180, you could have a wide variety of salad, ice-cream, sides and more… Definitely value for money!

Dong Dah Steaks @ Fengjia

This is first part of Day 4. Please visit the second part of Day 4

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