Thursday, 11 December 2014

iPhone 6 transparent casing + screen protector from Qoo10

I got my iPhone 6 gold 64gb on 3 Dec 2014. I was very excited because this is my present for 2014. I have waited for one month to get this since I could already renew my mobile contract in November. However, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are always sold out in the SingTel shops. Well, I'm lucky to get the iPhone 6 and the Gold version in December. I'm sure there are few thousands people who are still waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 6.

There are a lot of iPhone 6 16gb in the shops and I don't recommend buying 16gb version. This is because more apps are developing for high end mobile devices and the 16gb version will only give you say 10gb of space. After you take say 1000 photos, plus a few videos, you will run out of space. You will need to delete and free up space for new photos and videos and not considering new apps. I would say go for a minimum 64gb and if possible a 128gb version. You will not regret it because it is much more convenient to have >64gb as you don't need to worry about running out of memory. Just imagine that you are taking an important photo shoot or video and your iPhone runs out of memory...arg...

The casings from the accessory shops are about S$7 without screen protector. I think the cost of the casing with screen protector will be around S$10 and above. This is expensive, so I quickly went online to Qoo10 to buy a transparent casing plus screen protector. I was looking for the back protector but most sellers had only front screen protectors for sales. I got a transparent casing and front screen protector for only S$6.25. The delivery took 4 working days and I had to use my old iPhone 5S while waiting for the package to arrive. The package arrived on 9 Dec and the quality was what I had expected.
Transparent casing plus screen protector for my iPhone 6

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