Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Google Adsense Alternative - Chitika

I have signed up for Chitika and placed ads in my blogs since 28 November 2014. The revenue is pathetic. To date, I have only $0.05 in my earning. There are 1852 impressions and 14 valid clicks. Looking at the numbers, I cannot tell whether this ads network is good or not. I have the impression that the revenue will be higher if the clicks or impressions are from USA and Europe.

Chitika report - breakdown by month
From USA/CA, I only got 121 impressions with 0 clicks. The valid clicks are from international regions. I don't know the CTR and CPM from USA/CA as I have zero from the regions. Hopefully, in another few months, I get more visitors from the USA/CA regions to have some data to share. Well, I have only $0.05 in my account now but I'm not giving up on Chitika yet. I hope to drive more traffic from USA/CA to view my blogs and give me comments on how to improve my blogs.

Chitika report - breakdown by channel

Looking at the report with the breakdown by channel, hover app and chitika default ads settings have the most impressions. Valid clicks came from chitika default. From the report, it does not seem to set the hover app in my blogs and I have set it off for now. I will only have chitika default setting and will monitor it for the next months.

So far, I have Infolinks, Chitika, RevenueHits and Bidvertiser. Only Infolinks and Chitika have revenue, I would recommend Infolinks for now but I have not yet reached the threshold for payment. So, I'm not sure whether there will be payment from them but I will let Infolinks stay in my blogs for now.

Of course, the best ads network will be Google AdSense but it is difficult to get into the program and also to maintain it. Most people will get their account disabled due to invalid clicks activities. However, Google will not re-instate the account eventhough you may be innocent. Some people have nothing better to do and clicked the Google ads to create invalid activities and when Google detected this, they will disable your account. So, ads network should not be your sole income and I would recommend people to start blogging and when they are ready, apply Google AdSense and just leave it there to generate income. You may not want to promote it because that way, someone who hated you may click excessively on your blogs. Well, it is a chicken and egg situation. On one hand, you want to increase traffic to your blogs, but the other hand, you don't want to risk people click bombing your blogs. That will be the end of your partnership with Google AdSense because once you have been disabled by Google, you cannot join the program again and forever!

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