Wednesday, 4 February 2015

White Apple MacBook 13-inch late 2009 upgraded to Yosemite

If you are wondering whether your old white Apple MacBook 13-inch late 2009 model can be upgraded to Yosemite, then this blog is what you are searching for.

I have this late 2009 13-inch white MacBook. It was a free gift from my broadband contract with the local Telco in 2009. I seldom use this MacBook because it is quite heavy. I only use this for my Xcode programming on my apps. It has been collecting dust since. Recently, my friend wanted to write apps as he had friend who earns about $3K per month and he bought a MacBook Pro. He upgraded his OSX to Yosemite. I said to myself, "why not upgrade my MacBook too?". So, I downloaded the Yosemite OSX from the App Store as it is free if you have purchased at least Snow Leopard before.

OS X Yosemite on MacBook 13-inch, Late 2009
I installed the Yosemite over my Snow Leopard as I have softwares which I don't want to re-install. The installation was successful and there is not much lag in the Yosemite on a pretty old machine. I must say that Apple has built good products and my MacBook which is 6 years old is still functioning and the battery life is still good. However, the only flaw is that there is a line running vertical from the top to the bottom of the screen. You can only see it when it is dark or black screen. Well, I can't complain much, it is an old machine and absolutely free.

So, I installed Xcode 6 and told myself that I will start to work on apps building… It is easily said than done… Let's see whether I have the time to do it.

Installing Yosemite over Snow Leopard
Yosemite on MacBook late 2009 version

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