Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bangkok 4D3N free & easy Day 1

During this March holidays, we are going to Bangkok for a short getaway. We left Singapore on a 9.35am flight via Tiger Airways on a Saturday. We arrived at Suvanabhumi international airport at around 11am local time. It was a good day. You can get a 7-day unlimited data SIM card at the airport for 299 baht.

Just a note that you need to queue up to get a ticket to board a taxi. There will be someone to give you a queue ticket. You go to the lane number that is indicated on the ticket. You can save some bahts if you negotiate with the driver that the fare is 500 baht or less. If you ask the driver to run the meter, the fare will probably be higher than 500 baht. The driver may also ask you to pay the toll charge and highway charge. You may tell the driver that the 500 baht include the toll and highway charges (Note that the taxi fare from Glow hotel to Airport is 350 baht includes highway toll charge).

We arrived at the Glow Pratunam Hotel about 30mins later. The room is spacious and clean. The king-size bed is comfortable and air-conditioning is good. Nothing much to complain about the room. We got a room with the bathtub.

Glow Hotel room
Glow Hotel room
Glow Hotel room
Glow Hotel room bathroom
View from Hotel room
The view is good if the room is facing the Grand Diamond Plaza.

There is a one hour time difference with Singapore. It is one hour behind. We were hungry by then and went to the Platinum mall foodcourt to eat local delights. You need to buy a food coupon (card) and use it to buy your food. A bit crowded and there is no distinct queue. You need to tell the stall holder what you need.

You can shop around in mall after lunch. It is quite big and generally selling the same things. Remember to bargain for your clothes.

After shopping around the mall, we headed back to our hotel and booked the massage appointment at 10pm. It was very crowded for massage at night and you need to make the bookings early at the hotel. It is 350bahts for foot or body massage. The one hour massage is good to remove the fatigue after the afternoon shopping. After the massage, you can head straight to bed.

We went to T & K Seafood at Chinatown in Bangkok. It was very crowded at this eating place. I wouldn't call it as a restaurant as the food was prepared in the open space. You can choose to sit outside near the 'kitchen' or inside the building. I think there is a second storey and it is air-conditioned. If you see the long queue, it is for people who want to sit outside. You can walk further into the alley and ask for the lady to give u a queue number for seats inside the building.

Queue ticket
We ordered quite a few dishes and the bill is 2600 baht for 7 people. I wouldn't say the food is fantastic but it is rather cheap and fast. If you mind cleanliness in the area, then you can forget this place.

T & K Seafood kitchen
T & K Seafood kitchen
We also ordered a steamed fish, squids, clams and soup.

After the dinner, you can cross the road and go to this shop to buy some goodies back.

Popular store to buy tidbits
The journey back in a taxi will cost about 100 baht. After washing up, we went straight for our massage. During the last quarter of the hour, I thought I had fallen asleep. It was quite refreshing. The cost for foot and body massages are 350 baht each for an hour.

Read my blog for Day 2.

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