Friday, 20 March 2015

Bangkok 4D3N free & easy Day 2

The breakfast at Glow Hotel is ok level. There is quite a good spread of choices. The chicken porridge is quite nice. The breakfast area is kind of small so you may need to wait for a couple of minutes to get a table. I looked around and guessed that at least 60% of the guests here were from Singapore or maybe Malaysia. I saw only one couple of European tourists.

We set off early on Sunday because we are going to chatuchak market. It can be very hot and humid at noon onwards. We took a taxi there and the taxi dropped us on the opposite side of a main road. I took the overhead bridge to get to the market. You can feel the heat even when it is 10.30am.

There are many stalls there selling clothes, tidbits, plants, furnitures, fashion accessories, local food, etc.

I found this yellow portulaca grandiflora at a stall. I was thinking whether I can bring them to Singapore. In the end, I didn't buy them. The yellow species will definite add colour to my collection. Well, a it pity that I didn't get it.

Tillandsia, air plant at a stall. I was tempted to buy one too.

This coconut dessert is nice. 

This chatuchak market is big and maybe you want to meet someone here, you can use the clock tower as a landmark.

It was time for lunch, well a late lunch. We went to Nara at Central World for lunch. At least it is air-conditioned.

After a satisfying lunch, we went shopping at NaRaYa.

There was a cosplay show outside Central World.

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