Sunday 7 July 2013

Belvoir Hotel @ Zurich, Switzerland

Last June, I was in Zurich for a business trip. Due to no available room at Hotel Sedartis on one night, I was booked in Belvoir Hotel for that night. I was lucky that the staff at Hotel Sedartis was able to transfer my luggage to Belvoir Hotel when I checked out. I hoped I was not charged on this...

I had stayed at Belvoir Hotel last year and this would be my second time staying here. It is a nice, pleasant hotel overlooking the Zurich Lake. Though cost slightly more than Hotel Sedartis, it is within walking distance to my workplace.

I wouldn't complain much on the hotel, except that the sound proofing was pretty bad. I could hear the alarm coming out from the phone in the next room. If you were standing very close to the partition at the balcony, you could look into the interior of the next room. Overall, it is still a pretty decent room.