Thursday 16 October 2014

Growing Avocado from Seed in Singapore

A couple of months back, I picked up some avocados in the supermarket. The avocados were green in colour and I cut open one of them. The fresh was pretty hard and the colour was not what I had seen on the internet or those advertisements that showed the avocado when it was cut in halves.

I was disappointed. Then I thought, it must be something that I had done wrong because the supermarket couldn't be selling bad avocados. I took out my iPad Air and google for information on avocado. Bingo! The avocado is not ripened yet. Avocado will not ripen on the tree. It will start to ripen when they have been cut and remove from the tree. One way to ripen it will be to put them into paper bag for a couple of days and they should ripen. Some suggested to place a ripe fruit (such as an apple or banana) together with the avocados. This will help to speed up the ripening process if you need to eat them in a couple of days.

Have you ever wondered whether you can grow an avocado tree in Singapore? I have seen avocado trees in Australia and New Zealand but I have never seen one in Singapore. It is due to the climate or there is something that has been modified that the seeds from those avocados we bought in the supermarket will not germinate. Some said that even if it germinates and grows into a tree, it may not bear fruits. Avocado tree will probably take 5 to 7 years to grow into a big tree and then maybe bear fruits. I was wondering whether we need two trees to have flowers for cross pollination or maybe one tree will have both the male and female flowers. Well, that will need to dig into the details from the internet. Also, the tree will be probably 6ft tall and will need to plant outdoors. However, as land is scarce in Singapore, most people will need to keep the plant indoors or along the corridors. So, how to grow the tree indoors? In the next few posts, I will update you on this… So in the meantime, feel free to comment on this...

How to prepare the seed for growing in water

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