Sunday 28 September 2014

Sedum Mexicanum (Sep 2014)

We went to a plant nursery nearby @ Sungei Tengah, looking for air plants. My wife regretted that she didn't get those air plants on sales during the Singapore Gardens festival. She said that the air plants were quite cheap then but I wasn't interested then. The air plants at the nurseries in Sungei Tengah were quite small and expensive, ranging from $15 to $30 for a small one. Disappointed, we went to Chengtai nursery and got a pot of Sedum Mexicanum for $6. We were not sure what type of plant it is until I saw it on Farm World website.

Upon doing some researches on Internet, I realized that this plant does not like too much water and only shaded sunlight. It can grow pretty well indoor. I removed a small portion of it and planted it in a terrarium. This is a open terrarium as I think Sedum Mexicanum grows better in dry condition. I have kept this terrarium in the bathroom dashboard for 2 weeks and it is doing well.

This plant is good in hanging basket type where the branches will drape down over the edges.


14 Oct 2014 - The plant in the open terrarium is showing sign of yellowing leaves. It is probably due to the lack of sunlight in the bathroom. I have moved the terrarium and placed it on the study table near the window. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I can see some improvements on the colour of the leaves. I have added some diluted fertilisers for houseplant. Just a little and will monitor the growth.