Tuesday 8 March 2016

Total Solar Eclipse messed up the automatic headlights - 9 Mar 2016

The total solar eclipse today has messed up my car's automatic headlights. At about 8.45am, the automatic headlights are still turned on even though the sun rays are shining on my car. I was quite puzzled and I thought there is something wrong with my car's sensors. At about 9am, I heard from the Radio News that there was a total solar eclipse going on and I thought that this had messed up with my car's sensors.

I turned it to normal headlights and back to automatic and the lights still remained switch on. I thought of going to the servicing centre to have it checked. I will check the function again later to see whether it is due to the total solar eclipse or the sensors need to be checked.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop by InFocus

I have a gigantic desktop PC which I had assembled by myself a few years back. I enjoyed the D.I.Y. portion where you can easily upgrade your hardware as you know what are the possible upgrades when you first purchased them. The one that I had assembled is quite huge and takes a lot of space on the floor. When I have moved house, I have limited space and have forgotten to cut an opening on the desk compartment to allow the wires/cables to go through the study desk and reach the floor area where the desktop PC is placed. There is not enough space on the compartment to allow this hole.

I have googled and searched for information on very small PC or laptop. However, my budget is very small, in the ballpark of SGD200. I know this is very little and I think a monitor will cost this much, not to think of adding a small PC. I have the existing monitor which I can reuse for the small desktop. I googled and most new laptop will be around SGD300 plus. I wanted something very small and portable which I can carry around.

I saw in the internet and Kangaroo Mobile Desktop came up as one of the top searches. It has quite good review and the price is USD99.00. This is definitely within my budget. But the only problem is that it is only sold in the USA. It is available in Microsoft Store and Newegg. I saw that Microsoft Store still have stocks and was thinking of using vPost or comGateway to buy and ship it to me in Singapore. I know that if I were to do this, the cost of the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop will be much higher than my budget. I went to the Newegg Singapore website, this product is out of stock and may not be available anymore. I quickly think of a way and realise that I have a friend in USA who is coming to Singapore in middle of March. I'm not someone who likes to ask anyone to buy thing for me so I was quite reluctant to ask him to buy. But finally, I overcame my awkwardness and emailed him to ask him whether it was convenient to buy for me. He said ok!

I sent him the link and in an hour's time, he bought it and delivery was within 3 working days. He ordered it on the 1 March and the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop was delivered on the 3 March.

Ordered the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop on the 1 March 2016
Ordered the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop on the 1 March 2016

Today, I check the Microsoft Store and the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop is already out of stock. I was thinking whether it is because there will be another version of 4 GB Ram and 64 GB eMMC. But there is no Windows 10 in this latter version and will cost higher. At this moment, I think the Windows 10 with 2 GB Ram and 32 GB eMMC is ok for me. I need the operating system because a new operating system will set me back by a lot.

Out of Stock on 7 March 2016
Out of Stock on 7 March 2016

My friend will bring back the Mobile Desktop from USA to Singapore on 14 March. I hope he remember to bring it back for me! Keeping my fingers crossed! After I receive it, I will do the unboxing and review on the Desktop. Come back again to read my review on the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop. Thanks.