Tuesday 4 November 2014

9D8N Taiwan Free & Easy Trip - Day 3 (Cingjing)

You can book a Hehuanshan tour to see the sunrise. However, you need to wake up at 3am to take the tour. We didn't think we could wake up at that time and moreover, it was raining the night before and we thought that the clouds would block the sunrise. So we gave it a miss…

But we woke up at 5.50am to catch the sunrise at 5.57am but the clouds were thick and covered the sun. Below is a link to a YouTube video of the mountain view from the balcony of Sunnydale Minsu. You can see a bit of the sunrise (at 6.05am) and also the Old England Hotel on the right.

Mountain view from Sunnydale Minsu

Breakfast was provided by the Sunnydale Minsu. Well, it was the typical breakfast such as porridge, assortment of pickles, bread & butter, etc…

The breakfast closed at 9am. At about 9.30am, the Minsu staff sent us to the Cingjing Farm. The weather was fair and cooling, it was a good day to visit the Farm.

Cingjing Farm
Queuing up for the tickets
First rock you will see in the farm
On the right of this rock, you will need to stamp a chop on back of your palm just in case you need to exit and return to the farm. This is because there are two farms in this Cingjing Farm. You will need to exit one farm and then enter the other farm. So, it is better that you get a stamp before you exit this farm.

Stamp a chop on your hand
You can buy some food for the sheep and feed them. The lambs are in the enclosure and the sheep are free to roam in the farm. The sheep may follow you if they think you have food for them.

The lambs are kept in the enclosure on the right
Lambs in the enclosure
Sheep food vending machine
Notice that the sheep is waiting at the dispenser
The sheep knew the food vending machine and waited for people to buy the food.

Cingjing Farm - Yes, you got to walk…
Feeding time
If you are not tired and have checked the time for the performances at the farm, you can walk to the stage to watch the horse-riding show. But be careful of where your foot lands, there are sheep's droppings everywhere.

Be careful of Sheep's droppings!
While walking down the slopes, there are many sheep roaming around. I saw this brown sheep and had the chance to take some selfies with her.

Brown sheep, nice posture!

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