Friday, 8 February 2013

Car Tyre Puncture by a long nail - Jan 2013

I was working late one day and didn't realise that my car tyre was punctured. My colleague saw the punctured tyre when he went to retrieve his car. He took a photo and whatsapp me. I saw the photo and didn't realise it was my car until I saw my colleague's message.

It was about 6.30pm and luckily another colleague had the AA membership. He called the AA and they came to inspect the tyre. The tyre had a leak (most likely due to a nail) and he inflated the tyre with enough pressure for me to drive to the tyre repair shop.

The tyre repair shop is near Jalan Besar (Singapore) and opens till 3am. If you have a punctured tyre in the late evening, you can go to this shop to repair. The cost is about S$15.

It has been a month since I have the tyre patched. The patched tyre is still doing well. Probably, I will change my car tyres at the end of 2013....

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