Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chilling out with friends @ Ice Cold Beer

It is meanted to be a reunion dinner, however, we only manage to have this gathering after CNY due to the busy schedule.

We arrive at ICB at Somerset around 6.40pm but some friends need to go back to park their cars and take MRT to Somerset.

We have not made any reservation and just try our luck to find tables/seats since we are early. However, even at 6.40pm, this place is quite full. We manage to find some tall tables and seats at the second level near to the back where there is a pool table.

We order Hoegaarden beers for all and the famous chicken wings. We also order prawn and cheese pizzas.

The music is a bit loud and we have to speak louder to hear each other. The service is acceptable but can have rooms for improvement.

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