Thursday, 7 February 2013

Phewtick apps - earn money when meeting people

Recently, I was introduced to this apps Phewtick by my colleagues. Apparently, they are scanning each other 2D barcode every hour to earn meet-up points. The points are randomly selected but most of the time it may be +8 points to +55 points... Only once that I got + 2643 points.

The points will be converted to cash and when you reach a minimum of 24,000 points (SGD28.76), you can cash it out to your paypal account. Or you may want to be a good samaritan to donate the amount to charity.

My opinion:
It may be a good way to earn some small money. But I think it is a bit disrupting to the working environment when it is a working place and not a place to scan each other phones...

But sooner or later, this craze may disappear and new apps will surface to replace it... in the meantime, just enjoy...

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