Monday, 11 February 2013

Caterpillar of Painted Jezebel flying in Singapore

My daughter and I were walking back to my house when I noticed a yellow flying creature. Upon closer look, it was a yellow and hairy caterpillar. I managed to take a video and uploaded to youtube.

One of the caterpillars had landed on the ground and the other as you could see in the video, managed to land very close to the first caterpillar (on the ground). Seemed that it had homing device that could sense the whereabout of the first caterpillar. These caterpillars of Painted Jezebel are very common in Singapore. They are yellow and hairy. My 4-yr old daughter wanted to watch them transforming into butterflies. I told her that it will take weeks before it can transform into one. She was disappointed and wanted to see them moving across the walkway. Finally, she gave up and said goodbye to the caterpillars...

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