Sunday, 10 March 2013

Business trip to Zurich - Confirmed

The business trip to Zurich is confirmed. I will be leaving tonight for Zurich and arriving tomorrow morning. The weather in Zurich now is zero to minus degrees. I hope it is not too cold for me. I can endure cold but not hot weather. So, I hope the clothings that I bring will be enough.

The flight is full and I cannot change the aisle window seat to the centre column aisle. I heard from my colleague who is travelling with me that there will be snow on Thursday.

If I have the time, I will do a bit of blogging and update the interesting things that I see in this trip. I hope that I can sleep in the plane as I will be going to the Zurich office in the morning when I landed. The hotel check-in time is probably afternoon and we will not be able to check-in in the morning.

See you and good night... get to go to the airport soon...

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