Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Phewtick app - no more ticket system

I was about to delete my Phewtick app when I saw the email from Phewtick that the meet-up ticket system has been removed. Oh yes, I got the cash in my paypal account. However, it was much less than I thought when I compared with my colleague who cash-out few weeks before me. I got about ¥1680 as compared to my colleague who got ¥2040.

The new rule is that you get unlimited meet-up tickets but you can only scan the same person after 1 hour. However, I think the number of points you will get will be very little and I just got 9 points for meeting someone.

Anyway, probably I will just keep it so that if someone wants to scan me, I will get to have points and maybe another cash-out in the near future.

9999 Meet-up tickets

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