Wednesday, 13 March 2013

It is snowing in Zurich now...

My colleague told me that it will snow this Thursday, 14 Mar... Well, it is snowing now...

Sitting in the conference room and looking outside of the windows, I can see the snow coming down from the sky. It is picturesque.

On Wednesday, we went to have dinner at Adlisberg. It is located on the hilltop and my colleague told me that it is very near to FIFA headquarters. My colleague was using his GPS to navigate up the hill.

My colleague and I standing outside the Adlisberg in the snow

We passed by the Dolder Grand hotel and were impressed with the design and the castle towers. I was wondering how the hotel guests go down the hill to the city area.

Over the last 2 days, we went to two different restaurants to have lunch. One is Ban Thai at Adliswil. I ordered a shrimp set meal and it was quite hot and spicy. However, being an asian, it was not that spicy as we are used to eating chilli. I would say that the European will probably need a lot of water to go with this.

The other restaurant that we went is Gasthof Rose There were seven of us and we all ordered the garlic chicken set menu. We managed to empty the plates and I would say that the taste and texture were quite nice.

Gasthof Rose in Ruschlikon

The decor in Gasthof Rose is quite nice. It has a few unique "time-piece" and pendulum liked devices.

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