Saturday, 2 March 2013

Phewtick apps - update

It has been almost a month since I last blogged on Phewtick apps. There are a few changes to the rules and now you can scan each other 2D barcode every minute. However, you need to have meet-up tickets to gain meet-up points. You can get more Phewtick meet-up tickets by downloading apps via Tapjoy. If you don't want to download the apps, you can wait for random meet-up tickets everyday. Just open the Phewtick apps after midnight and you will receive 2 to 9 random meet-up tickets. You will only be given once every day. A few colleagues have already successfully cashed out the money. I'm now at 17881 points. I will need 24000 points in order to cash out. I will cash out at 24000 and delete this apps. A bit pointless apps and I hope people will not be too engrossed in this. Get a life....
My current points

Random meet-up points
(fr 2 to 9) each day

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