Sunday, 31 March 2013

NS45 Benefits for NSmen

Update - 27 May 2013:

Yesterday, I spent all my $100 voucher on milk powder, baby diapers, toilet rolls, etc at the NTUC fairprice. The cashier was telling me that some got $80 and I was lucky to get $100. Well, I told her that it depends on the NS status.

I have yet to receive my HometeamNS-passion card. I called NS45 and they told me that my particulars are missing. I asked them what I have missed and they told me to give them my email address and phone number. This is strange as they had my mailing address and I had received the vouchers. I asked the counter lady at the HomeTeamNS club, and it seemed that there are delays in sending the cards. I hope that they should give later expiry date since I have not gotten my card. Anyway, I asked the NS45 counter lady to print out the letter and I can still continue to use my expired card.


Last week, I received my $100 worth of HomeTeamNS and a year's free HomeTeamNS membership. This is to commemorate the 45th Anniversary celebrations of National Service (NS) in Singapore and to thank the National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation. As I have completed the ORNS training cycle, I have entitled to $100 worth of vouchers and one year free membership.

This may not be a big amount but at least we are recognised for our service to the nation. The vouchers are valid for one year and you will need your ID card to use the vouchers.

Most of my colleagues have not received them and well, there are over 900k NSmen which will take more time for the personalised vouchers to be printed and delivered via mail.

So, for those who have not received the vouchers, please have some patience and the vouchers will be in your mailbox soon.

NS45 Benefits

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